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Artificial intelligence-enabled digital twins

On the edge of tomorrow
While conventional simulation-based or field data-driven twins have been around for years, they were not able to deliver some of the most crucial promises of the digital twin concept. Simulation can never fully resemble the behavior of real-life objects due to contamination, wear or simply immeasurable operational parameters whose values are hard to guess.

AI brings three new features into the digital twins that make them truly valuable.

How digital twins profit from AI

The promise delivered
Fault prediction
AI allows to build various predictions based on readings from sensors and past experiences called 'training datasets'. This can help predict faults and perform what is called condition-based maintenance saving costs and optimizing operations.
Operational mode identification
AI helps build 'virtual sensors' that provide insight into previously invisible like classifying operational modes of equipment based on real-time data and therefore allowing for adjustments on the fly for optimal performance.
Adjustment over time
As the physical prototype changes its features over time the twin should be adjusted to match the change. This allows for more precise results in virtual commissioing, training and operatrions optimization.

Other cost savings with AI

It is not about digital twins only
AI can greatly help save costs in industrial and residential environments by optimally adjusting operational modes on the fly and making discoveries in your sensor data that you never thought possible.

Cooling and power cost optimization with AI

Data insight to help you spend less
Cooling and ventilation costs
Overcooled and under-ventilated buildings are typical especially in the hospitality sector. We help optimize climatization mode with AI so that the building stays comfortable with less spending on power.
Power costs
Often peak power consumption happens only periodically but drives the tariff up simply by putting your organization in a different tariff group. With AI we can help you make your power consumption more even over time and save costs through this.
Maintenance costs
Avoid unplanned downtime on your critical equipment by implementing AI tools to predict wear and contamination, faults and breakdowns.
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