Our Data Center solutions to assist you with solving your most demanding IT tasks
Why data centers matter
They are the focal point of your digital organization
All aspects of today's life are getting digital. It affects our daily routine greatly by making us more mobile and productive and even affects how we think. A few clicks and your team members get their tasks, another glance at the screen and you have the latest status of work. No matter what you do in life, from taking care of kids to running a multinational company, somehow you get immersed into the flow of information that engulfs you and helps you here and there. One day you do not notice that you are dependent on it and you need it at your fingertips 24/7/365.

Data center implementation services

We at Al Habib have made creating state-of-the-art data centers our priority zero. Our team of professional project managers and engineers greatly supported by our international partners have 20+ years of accumulated hands-on experience in creating data centers for various industries.

Quality, uptime, security and sustainability standards we follow

  • Uptime Institute Tier standard
  • Uptime Institute Operational Sustainability standard
  • ISO 27001
  • ISO 20000
  • LEED
  • TIA/EIA-942
We value third-party professional audit of our work and recommend our customers to target certification of their data centers accordingly. And we commit to passing such certification. That's a promise.

Our data center implementation services

Architectural design and structural engineering
From reinforcement to new building to even seismic base isolation to keep your DC safe
Electrical systems
MV/LV substations, backup power generation, static and rotary UPS, power distribution, monitoring and billing
Mechanical systems
Active and passive efficient cooling systems, ventillation, humidification, isle isolation
Physical security and safety
Fire detection and suppression, early warning (VESDA), announcement, biomentric access control, vehicle security
Centralized monitoring and control for all data center systems, mobile applications for managers and chief engineers, tenant alerts
Low voltage infrastructure
Fibre and copper cabling for IT and internal data center needs, meet-me rooms and telecom infrastructure

Data center upgrades

Whether it is a functional enhancement or new levels of operational efficiency you are looking for, we are there to help. These services can be provided as one-time engagement or an SLA based contract solving your headache of data center operations.
  • Engineering and consulting services
  • Live upgrades of mechanical, electrical and low-voltage systems
  • Running costs optimization
  • CMMS implementation
  • Field assistance solutions
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