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What are digital twins
They are the precious asset of the digital age
If ever you have dreamt about commissioning a new manifold without affecting the real production or about seeing the consequences of operational mode changes without paying the inevitable price of ruined technological process or training your personnel for hazardous operational environments without putting them and the environment in danger -- you have then imagined a DIGITAL TWIN.

In the age of DATA BEING NEW OIL, digital twins are the incarnation of this idea. They convert your physical assets into data assets unlocking the treasures of digital for your organization.

Digital twin of sea oil rig
Digital twin is a virtual copy of an object, whether a whole plant or a city or a single facility like an oil rig, or even a single device like a pump, that behaves in the same way. Given certain inputs it produces outputs just like the real physical thing. It even looks the same because the true twin has a visual component usually implemented in extended reality with photorealistic quality.

With the help our international partners Al Habib creates digital twins for many industries and applications.

Nothing can be more relevant to current day operations of almost any industrial object than a digital twin. What you can achieve by implementing a digital twin for your industrial facility or urban location is almost limitless.

The three components of a digital twin

A digital twin realizes its full potential when it has these three components
Physical and chemical processes of the real object are reproduced in simulation engine so that the twin responds to specific inputs like its real prototype.
Artificial Intelligence
No simulation can ever reproduce a real object in its entirety due to model assumptions. Also, there are things like wear and contamination that make it impossible to build an ideal analytical model. AI helps augment simulation with insight about the invisible and immeasurable in real life.
Visual representation
An Extended Reality (AR or VR) interactive digital copy of the physical prototype helps make it easy to visualize behavior, conduct training, perform virtual commissioning and do much more. Seeing is believing - this is true in the digital era as well.

The digital twins' advantages

Unlocking the opportunities of digital solutions
Insight into the future
The ability to predict behavior in specific conditions including predicting faults
Better skills
Training personnel as if on a real plant before you even build one or without exposing your people to hazardous environment
Operational efficiency
The increase in operational efficiency by simulating operational mode changes in advance
Informed decision making
The ability to identify operational modes of real objects and support of decision making process
Increased understanding
Helping field personnel by providing layers of augmented reality to better understand the technological processes
Planning efficiency
Doing virtual commissioning of new industrial facilities or equipment without affecting the real production process
Orientation, HSE and MRO training based on digital twins
The digital way to build skills and save budget
The applications of digital twins are not solely operational. Professional training and re-training have become areas where digital twins are most used. By providing a photorealistic VR copy of an object that behaves in the same way as the real one, organizations can revolutionize training. There is reliable academic research that proves that VR-based training increases information retention and helps build hands on skills better.
Immersive individual and team VR training for high-fidelity experience of a real-life facility without the dangers of the physical prototype.

Interactive experience with additional layers of reality showing the technology behind the scenes - switch things on and off, turn valves and see the changes simulated in real time on graphs or even meters.
Advanced corrective techniques for instructor to give live feedback to trainees or introduce ad hoc scenarios to test their skills and knowledge.

Virtual commissioning with digital twins
The digital way to plan your next production expansion
Digital twins are a great tool for commissioning your infrastructure virtually. It helps save time and budget by simulating the whole facility and its operations in real time. Using a digital twin for virtual commissioning also helps visualize the future manifold, plant or even an urban location. While "seeing is believing" has always been an imperative many of us followed, it has become even more important in the modern-day world. Having a virtual digital twin of city allows for visual planning of urban infrastructure. And placing a digital copy of a new production line or even a single robot in an existing plant opens the eyes to new opportunities for taking the business to new heights.

Potential bottlenecks in production lines

Operational inefficiencies

Security and safety concerns
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