Services and solutions to help you optimize your IT infrastructure and introduce yet unachievable levels of agility and manageability
Defining Cloud Computing
It helps you remove the fog of traditional IT and transform it into manageable and agile cloud
For many years running your own IT infrastructure and applications has been an obligation many companies had to cope with. Not anymore. Businesses are moving their workloads to the cloud. Cloud computing exists in many flavors. If you are interested in getting a specific application service, you might go for Software-as-a-service or SaaS. If you are creating applications yourself or looking for customized data processing to fit your needs, you are most probably after Platform-as-a-Service or PaaS. And if you are merely looking to replace your hardware infrastructure with virtual machines, you are a potential Infrastructure-as-a-Service or IaaS customer.

Our cloud computing services

Research services on specific cloud applications
We help you choose the solution that best fits your application landscape
Migration services into third-party clouds
Roadmap development and implementation to embrace the potential of cloud computing
Integration services for your cloud and non-cloud workloads
Cloud integration services to assure seamless operations of your cloud and on-premise IT systems
Private cloud implementation
Virtualization and centralized management solutions for your servers, storage, network and applications
Cloud service monitoring and SLA management
Make sure your cloud providers deliver on their SLA commitments
Hybrid cloud deployment
Streamlined management and centralized control for your private and public cloud deployments
Private cloud services
Confidentiality concerns might make private cloud the best choice for your organization
Workloads such as IoT and confidential information management can be the primary ones to move to the cloud for efficiency. But they are the most sensitive in terms of confidentiality as well. Private clouds help solve this riddle. By implementing a private cloud, you hit many goals:

  • Efficacy here and now
  • Room for agile growth
  • Increase in service levels

We implement private clouds based on a variety of platforms. For the most demanding tasks we offer our custom solution based on open source software while most of the typical projects are covered by industry standard solutions coming from our international technology partners.

If you are not sure your data center can support a private cloud reliably, please consider our Data center services.
This idea has been obvious since cloud computing appeared as a concept. While some workloads are so sensitive, they cannot be moved to any external provider, the others are common and carry no confidentiality impact. But both need to work together, be integrated in terms of security and data, and managed as a whole. This is where hybrid cloud computing helps.

Hybrid cloud computing

The balance between efficiency and confidentiality
Consulting and planning services
Creating the correct roadmap is half the task solved
Migration and integration services
Executing the plan smoothly and professionally
Security audit
Skilled scrutiny of the implementation's security aspects
Monitoring and SLA management
Making sure the deployment runs smoothly
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